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  • The full service car wash is a basic upkeep of your vehicle; vacuuming and cleaning the windows and blasting away the grim on the outside. Carpet stains, tree drippings, road tar, and heavy soiling are not removed by this process.

    Detailing is an extensive spring clean of your vehicle. We get into the nooks and crannies spraying, wiping and scrubbing your surfaces. We buff and polish the exterior and make it shine. The upholstery is steam cleaned and the leather is conditioned and treated. It is an exhaustive process.

  • We do not accept walk-ins for detailing-an appointment is required. We take appointments Monday through Friday. Sorry, no weekend detailing.

    If you'd like to schedule a detail appointment, call us at 614-459-5777. If you call after hours or we can't answer, leave a voice message and we'll get back to you.

  • A detail on a vehicle in average condition takes three to four hours to complete. Since we do not have a dedicated shop for the detailing, we perform the work in the wash bay overnight while the car wash is closed. Sorry, we do not perform detailing during the day.

  • If you've scheduled a detail appointment by calling us at 614-459-5777, then you should drop off the night prior to your appointment (as the detailing is done overnight while the wash is closed.) So if you scheduled for Monday, then you should drop off Sunday night.

    If you drop off during business hours, we'll pull the vehicle inside when we close. If you come after hours or we close early due to rain, we have a steel drop-off box located near the entrance of the car wash (facing White Castle). On the box is instructions for confirming drop off.

    If you place your keys into our mail box instead of the designated drop-off box, we cannot and will not take responsibility for failure to perform the requested services in the specified timeframe.

  • The requested detail work will be performed on your vehicle. Most vehicles are ready around 9a the day of your appointment. For example, if your appointment was on Monday and you dropped off Sunday night, then your vehicle will be ready 9a Monday morning.

    When the vehicle is ready, we will call the number you gave to us when you scheduled your appointment. We will leave a voice message if necessary. You can stop by and pick the vehicle up at any time until we close. If you can't make it before we close, we'll pull the vehicle back inside and the vehicle can be picked up the following day.


    These pick-up procedures may vary depending on the whether. We will contact you if the weather prevents us from operating the car wash that day.

  • The answer depends entirely upon your own personal habits and the purpose of your vehicle. If you use your vehicle for work, or if you have people in your vehicle frequently, or if you have children or pets, we recommend you have the interior detailed at least once a year to keep it looking its best.

    For the outside, we recommend having it detailed at least once a year and hand waxed before and after the winter season. This will protect the clear coat and help it shine after a wash.


    If your vehicle is a lease and it is time to return the vehicle to the dealership, or you want to the sell the vehicle, we absolutely recommend you have the vehicle detailed inside and out. This will be the best clean for your dollar.

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